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Texas Photographic Society

Member Spotlight

Honored to be to be a featured  member. Link here:     https://texasphoto.org/member-spotlight

SE Center for Photography

All About the Light

My image "Casa Grande" was selected for inclusion in the current exhibition hosted by the SECP.


The Chateau Gallery

  The Art of Street Photography

My image "Alone" is currently in this online exhibition. Check it out below.


NY Center for Photographic Art

Decay, Rust, Corrosion

My image "December, 1973"  was a Juror's Selection for the online exhibition, currently showing at the link below.


Artist's Statement

A central theme in my work is the earth - its infinite geologic processes and the physical forms that result from those processes, as well as how the species that inhabit this planet interact with it. By recording and sharing my images of this subject matter, I hope to encourage an emotional response through my art that communicates the inherent dignity and interconnectedness of all aspects of the physical and biological world around us. From this viewpoint, I seek to show that the “boundaries” we humans often draw between natural and cultural landscapes are generally artificial ones, as our species is of and from the earth.

I am attracted to subjects that I can appreciate both literally via a lens of understanding from my training as a scientist and geologist, as well as figuratively, through the lens of my camera, as I explore the structure, tonalities, visual rhythms, mystery of form, and the play of light across a scene. By examining the elemental beauty of even the simplest subjects, we have the opportunity to increase our capacity to better acquaint ourselves with, and thus care about, the diversity of life with which we share this planet, and the physical environment that sustains us all.

Jim is based in West Texas, and welcomes your comments, questions, or expressions of interest in acquiring his prints or books. Prices start at $90 for open edition 8" x 10" archival prints. Please contact him at jim@jgeitgeyphotography.com.

Thanks for looking!

Image credits to Steve Goff

Formal Training in Photography

Midland College - Midland, TX (1995-2002)  

  • Seven years of Introductory, Intermediate, and Independent Studies in Photography with Professor B. Kent Moss. 

Additional Coursework & Workshops

  • Odessa College - Professor Steve Goff  
  • Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops -  Alan Ross
  • John Sexton Photography Workshops - John Sexton,     Charles Cramer,  Anne Larsen, Ray McSavaney
  • Maine Media Workshops - Chip Forelli
  • Santa Fe Photographic Workshops - Mark Klett, Tony Bonanno,  Rick Allred, Michael Clark
  • John Paul Caponigro Workshops 

Individual Honors & Shows

  • Distinguished Artist for 2024 - Celebration of the Arts, Midland, TX
  • Featured Spotlight Member - Texas Photographic Society (February, 2023)
  • Despoblado: Images of the Greater Trans-Pecos - Proteus Gallery

Select Juried and Group Shows 

  • Decay Corrosion Rust (2024 - NYC4PA); All About Light (2024 - SE Center Photo); Street Photography (2024 - Chateau Gallery); COLOR (2023 - BWAC, Brooklyn, NY); Botanical (2023 - PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT); Arts Council of Midland (20242023 - 3rd Place, Honorable Mention); Members Only Show (2022 – SE Center Photo, Greenville, SC); Nocturnes (2022 - Praxis Gallery, St. Paul, MN); 64th Annual Permian Basin Art Exhibition (2022 - Best of Show); Midland Art Association (2023, 2022, 2021 – Honorable Mention, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997); Texas Photographic Society (2020, 2001); Gallery West (2000 - Alexandria, VA); Hilton Head Art League (2000); Plano Art Association (2000 – Honorable Mention); Caprock Photographers (Caprock, TX – 1999 – Second Place, 1998 – Second Place, 1997 – Third Place); Viewpoint (Clifton, TX – 1999, 1998, 1997); TX Center for Photography (1998 – First & Second Place); New Works by Southern Photographers (1997- LSU); San Marcos Fine Arts Center (1997)

Photographic Collecting Activities

My love of photography has also translated to an appreciation for, and interest in, the broader history of the medium, and the artists practicing within it. I find constant inspiration through my study of not only the masters, but also lesser known and emerging artists, and thus consider it an important part of my continuing education as a photographer. This has led me to become an avid collector, having to date assembled over 1,200 images and nearly 1,000 photo books, representing one of the largest private fine-art photographic collections in the Southwest. While very broad in my interests, I am particularly drawn to the work of the 20th century masters who worked principally in black and white. I enjoy opportunities to share these works via loans in support of photographic exhibitions at various museums/organizations.

With Gratitude

Professor Kent Moss

While I've had an interest in photography since grade school, it wasn't until I was in my early thirty's that I decided to become a serious student of the medium. I was very fortunate to have Kent as my teacher and guide for that initial seven year "journey" of instruction and inspiration that provided me with the foundation I continue to build upon to this day. Kent has that rare combination of fluency with the subject matter, an ability to clearly communicate that subject matter to his students in an engaging manner with humor, as well as his own artistic perspective and creativity which keeps things fresh and interesting. While he certainly can't be blamed for my short-comings as a photographer, he does deserve credit for any successes I might enjoy in image-making.

Thank you Kent! Teacher - Artist - Friend

And the List Continues . . .

John & Anne Sexton, John Paul Caponigro, Chip Forelli, Steve Goff, Alan Ross, Charles Cramer, Tony Bonanno, Mark Klett, Andrew Smith, and John Boland, among others, have all shared their knowledge and passion regarding various aspects of photography, and in their individual ways have influenced my path as an artist and collector. For that I am thankful.

I also appreciate my many photo buddies and other artists, many here in the Permian Basin, for their camaraderie, feedback, support, and general good humor over the years!

Most importantly, I thank my lovely wife Stacy, for her love, support, and great eye.

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